Book Author

The Predicament of Chukotka's Indigenous Movement


Cambridge University Press  published my book. The first draft served as my PhD dissertation, and then I revised it for a more general audience. I worked closely with a Cambridge-selected copyeditor to perfect the final draft, and I created the book’s index. I understand the book process from start to finish, and I know how valuable a good copyeditor is.

Journal Editor

Sibirica journal masthead


I served for a decade as an Associate Editor for the journal Sibirica, ushering dozens of colleagues’ articles through the editorial process. I copyedited the final drafts, working closely on style with the publisher, Berghahn Journals.

Editorial Expert


As author of articles in journals, magazines, and newspapers, I’ve been on both sides of the editorial equation. I know what callous criticism feels like, and I’ve experienced the transformative effect of incisive critique, gently delivered.