“I hope I can write that beautifully one day myself,” is what I wish to exclaim after Patty edits my writings. Patty has copyedited and substantially edited several articles, book chapters, and a book proposal for me over the past couple of years, and I just love to work with her. She turns my imperfect non-native writing into poetry. What I especially admire about Patty is her substantial recommendations on the argumentation structure of a text. She is a brilliant, talented, and committed editor, and I recommend Patty unconditionally to anyone who wants to improve his or her writing. I will definitely continue working with Patty for writing projects in the future.

—Anna-Lena Wolf

Postdoctoral Researcher and Lecturer, Institute for Social and Cultural Anthropology,
Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg, Germany

Writing is the second greatest pleasure in the world, she used to say. With Patty, I learned the meaning of it. I will never forget how we were working together on the introduction for my PhD thesis. The printed text was literally cut into pieces and rearranged, leaving out unnecessary parts, moving forward the most important. It was both insightful and therapeutic. Then Patty went over the final text once again. In the end, I was holding a nice and solid piece of writing. She turned the bulky and heavy text of a non-native speaker into a shining work with good flow and wonderful English.

I don’t know anybody else who would do her job with such a passion and professionalism. The seemingly tiny and invisible work of putting words together differently will make things different if your career and your life revolve around those words. I am at the Wilson Center now thanks to Patty’s let me have a look at your research proposal. Could I imagine that those 1000 words, which Patty differently put together, could change the course of my career?”

—Tatiana Vagramenko

     2020 George F. Kennan Fellow, Kennan Institute at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars;
currently Senior Postdoctoral Researcher in Ukrainian history and anthropology at University College Cork

“Patty is the dream editor! She is a big picture and small details thinker who offers practical solutions for executing polished and clear writing. Her guidance is versatile to a wide variety of writers and communication styles. Patty goes through your work with a fine tooth comb, down to precise details such as transliteration and translation nuances, while enhancing the integrity of your voice. And she’s an absolute joy to work with and makes you feel confident to present your writing to the world.”

—Alexandra Antohin

     Director of Education, Vermont Folklife Center

“I worked with Patty during my Marie Curie Fellowship. Patty’s editorial advice on articles and grant proposals were instrumental for my academic success. Her work was not only to the highest standards, but was also a great opportunity for me to enhance my editing and writing skills – a matter of the utmost importance for the non-native English speaker. Working with her was empowering and allowed me to gain the confidence necessary to carry on  work independently, as I progressed in my career. I am still working with her now, not as her advisee, but as her client, and I have brought my colleagues to work with her as well.”

—Elżbieta Drążkiewicz

   Associate Researcher at Institute for Sociology, Slovak Academy of Sciences,

author of Institutionalised Dreams: The Art of Managing Foreign Aid  (Berghahn Books)